2020 Peoples Choice Community Lottery

SAMS are participating in this years lottery to raise money for the 2021 Australian Masters Squash Championships to be held in Adelaide.

All money raised from the sales of tickets goes towards the championships if you buy tickets from the Adelaide 2021 link below. Tickets are $2.00 each. Prizes are also Listed below.



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Updated 26th January 2021


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Covid Update 23 November 2020

23 November 2020 CONFIRMED UPDATE OF CLARIFICATION OF THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (Public Activities No 12) (covid-19) Direction Hello all, Through SquashSA and the Office of Recreation Sport and Racing we have received the following. I know you are all keen to get back...

2020 Masters Squash AGM

 2020 SAMS AGMPlease note that the AGM due to be held on the 22nd November 2020 has been postponed to the the 6th December 2020 due to the Emergency Management (Stay at Home) (COVID-19) Directions which has affected our ability to conduct the AGM on the previously...

CoronaVirus update 23rd March 2020

Further to last weeks decision to suspend the masters squash competition, I will send out further updates as they come out. Please keep in mind that we have made this decision with the health and safety of all Masters Squash players in mind. Please note that other...

Suspension of Masters Squash Pennant due to Coronavirus

The Masters Squash Committee today after consultation with Squash Australia and Squash SA who are acting on medical advice from the State and Federal Governments has decided to suspend the Masters Squash Pennant competition until further notice.  This decision was...

About SAMS

South Australian Masters Squash Association (SAMS) is a not for profit organisation founded to provide recreational sport for participants over 30 years of age in a friendly, competitive environment.

Masters’ Mixed Squash Competitions are played at Squash Centres around Adelaide starting at 7:30 or 8:00 pm most weekdays. View the current program here